Greek Island Is Looking To Hire A Cat Lover To Be Caretaker For Their Resident Cats!

We all know that the perfect, dream job doesn’t come around too often…

What would your dream job entail? If you had a choice…anything at all? Would it be based on a sun-kissed island? Would it involve being around more animals than people? Would it be based in idyllic countryside? A paradise? & What if those animals were Cats?

I know what you’re thinking…never in a million years would you get all those wonderful things in one job AND get paid for it right!?

Well, surprisingly, you’d be in luck…

No honest!

Because a Greek Island named Syros, located just off the coast is offering JUST THAT!

Their population is small (approximately 20,000 people) and it’s a very unique and beautiful place to live. On the island there is an animal rescue charity named ‘God’s Little People’ (how sweet!?) who make it their mission to look after and provide assistance to the island’s animals when they need help.

Which is certainly handy, because the Island is resided by loads upon loads of stray moggies!

They’ve sold it to me already, to be honest!

The stray felines are looked after by a kind woman who lives on the island, an artist named Joan.
She & her husband are always happy to provide food, warmth and shelter to these cats. They have lived on the Island since 2010 and have been running the God’s Little People cat sanctuary for some time now.

However, sadly, the couple have now decided that they want to move onto pastures new, but before they can, they want to make sure that they can secure a replacement to pick up where they’ve left off and look after the animals, they don’t want the cats to suffer once they’re gone!

They’ve put an advertisement on Facebook to spread the word about the post…

and frankly, it just seems like it’s come out of my wildest dreams…talk about too good to be true!

An actual PAID job where you get to HANG OUT WITH CATS, all of the time!?

Seriously guys, where’s the catch!? There’s just GOT to be one!

Well, there are a few snags…you’ve got to take on full responsibility of 55 cats, no less… and no cat left behind, which will be pretty much a 24/7 job (although seriously, who would care about that!?)

And Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses are given the first refusal to the role! (Understandably!)

But with those so-called snags, come with even MORE perks of the job! As well having a job that’s come right out of a fairytale, you get to live on this beautiful island. Not only that, but you will be given your own modest accommodation with a gorgeous garden…

and the views are to die for!

Of course, you have to be a fully fledged, self-confessed cat lady (or gent!) who is willing to put the needs of the animals first, to be considered for the position…and the pay isn’t too lavish (the equivalent of $560 per month)…but again, when you’ve got all this as part of the package… who would care about taking a slight decrease in pay!?

The cats must always come first, so you’ll have to make sure that they’re fed well and regularly, (they’re cats, so this is especially important, they won’t let you forget it otherwise!)

& They must also get plenty of love and attention around the clock…but I’m sure that really wouldn’t be a problem for the perfect, cat loving candidate!

The accommodation and all the utilities associated with it, are included with the job and do not come out of the monthly pay (free bills, too!)
Being able to drive a manual/stick shift vehicle is also essential, as the chosen one will have to use the vehicle provided by the family, to take the cats to the vets when they need it!

So, if you can do all that, then you’re pretty much good to go!

It just sounds waaaaay too magical for it to be real, but there you go!

If you or anyone you know sounds like the ideal person for this fairytale job, then get over on their Facebook and get applying! What are you waiting for!?

I’m sure whoever gets it will be stupidly happy…and I hope they do all they can for those gorgeous cats and make the most of it whilst they’re in such a beautiful paradise…

Because I’m pretty sure that dreams only come around once in a lifetime…

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