Greek Island Is Looking To Hire A Cat Lover To Be Caretaker For Their Resident Cats!

Greek Island Is Looking To Hire A Cat Lover To Be Caretaker For Their Resident Cats!

We all know that the perfect, dream job doesn’t come around too often…

What would your dream job entail? If you had a choice…anything at all? Would it be based on a sun-kissed island? Would it involve being around more animals than people? Would it be based in idyllic countryside? A paradise? & What if those animals were Cats?

I know what you’re thinking…never in a million years would you get all those wonderful things in one job AND get paid for it right!?

Well, surprisingly, you’d be in luck…

No honest!

Because a Greek Island named Syros, located just off the coast is offering JUST THAT!

Their population is small (approximately 20,000 people) and it’s a very unique and beautiful place to live. On the island there is an animal rescue charity named ‘God’s Little People’ (how sweet!?) who make it their mission to look after and provide assistance to the island’s animals when they need help.

Which is certainly handy, because the Island is resided by loads upon loads of stray moggies!

They’ve sold it to me already, to be honest!

The stray felines are looked after by a kind woman who lives on the island, an artist named Joan.
She & her husband are always happy to provide food, warmth and shelter to these cats. They have lived on the Island since 2010 and have been running the God’s Little People cat sanctuary for some time now.

However, sadly, the couple have now decided that they want to move onto pastures new, but before they can, they want to make sure that they can secure a replacement to pick up where they’ve left off and look after the animals, they don’t want the cats to suffer once they’re gone!

They’ve put an advertisement on Facebook to spread the word about the post…

and frankly, it just seems like it’s come out of my wildest dreams…talk about too good to be true!

An actual PAID job where you get to HANG OUT WITH CATS, all of the time!?

Seriously guys, where’s the catch!? There’s just GOT to be one!

Well, there are a few snags…you’ve got to take on full responsibility of 55 cats, no less… and no cat left behind, which will be pretty much a 24/7 job (although seriously, who would care about that!?)

And Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses are given the first refusal to the role! (Understandably!)

But with those so-called snags, come with even MORE perks of the job! As well having a job that’s come right out of a fairytale, you get to live on this beautiful island. Not only that, but you will be given your own modest accommodation with a gorgeous garden…

and the views are to die for!

Of course, you have to be a fully fledged, self-confessed cat lady (or gent!) who is willing to put the needs of the animals first, to be considered for the position…and the pay isn’t too lavish (the equivalent of $560 per month)…but again, when you’ve got all this as part of the package… who would care about taking a slight decrease in pay!?

The cats must always come first, so you’ll have to make sure that they’re fed well and regularly, (they’re cats, so this is especially important, they won’t let you forget it otherwise!)

& They must also get plenty of love and attention around the clock…but I’m sure that really wouldn’t be a problem for the perfect, cat loving candidate!

The accommodation and all the utilities associated with it, are included with the job and do not come out of the monthly pay (free bills, too!)
Being able to drive a manual/stick shift vehicle is also essential, as the chosen one will have to use the vehicle provided by the family, to take the cats to the vets when they need it!

So, if you can do all that, then you’re pretty much good to go!

It just sounds waaaaay too magical for it to be real, but there you go!

If you or anyone you know sounds like the ideal person for this fairytale job, then get over on their Facebook and get applying! What are you waiting for!?

I’m sure whoever gets it will be stupidly happy…and I hope they do all they can for those gorgeous cats and make the most of it whilst they’re in such a beautiful paradise…

Because I’m pretty sure that dreams only come around once in a lifetime…

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Family Moves into New Home and Surprised to Find Their House Comes With a Cat

Family Moves into New Home and Surprised to Find Their House Comes With a Cat

Miranda and her family recently moved into a house in Washington and was surprised to discover that their new home came with an outdoor cat who had been living there for over a decade.

They found a note left by the previous owners about the cat that they had been caring for since he was born in their backyard 12 years ago.

Miranda @wottrns

"There's one favor we ask of you… In the backyard there is an old orange kitty who lives there… He has an injured paw and will not let you go near him. We feed him everyday twice a day and we have for years now," they wrote on the note. "We bought him a little house for the winter and rainy days, that is placed against the wall in the backyard."

The previous owners asked if Miranda and her family could continue to look after him.

By the time they finished reading the note, lo and behold, the said cat was right there peeking through the glass door, ready for some snacks.

Miranda @wottrns

"He was sitting at the door waiting so we gave him some food and water. He was cautious but I think he understood that we weren't a threat," Miranda told Love Meow.

They named him Razum Dar, Raz for short.

Miranda @wottrns

Miranda has a big family with five other felines. When they saw the little guy looking at them from their yard, they simply couldn't say no.

Raz has always known the backyard as his home. He comes in randomly throughout the day. "He hangs out in the yard every day, and if we don't see him during the day, we see him at night."

Miranda @wottrns

The kitty has a rock in the backyard that he claims as his throne, and if he wants a change, he will hop on one of the chairs outside to chill and relax.

He spends ample time in the yard sleeping or watching the day go by.

Miranda @wottrns

Miranda has been working on gaining his trust as Raz is now part of their family.

"We already have five cats so I guess, we have six now," she said.

Miranda @wottrns

A few weeks after they moved in, Raz decided that he didn't need to run away when his food providers came out with the goodies. 

"There was a moment where he paused like he was trying to decide whether he was going to run or not."

Miranda @wottrns

When Raz let his humans share the yard with him while he enjoyed his food, the family was overjoyed and hopeful that someday they could all live under the same roof together.

Not only do they want to provide him food, but also the medical attention he needs and the comfort of a loving home.

Miranda @wottrns

Since early last month, Raz has really warmed up to his new family. "He's a lot more comfortable with us. He lets us sit outside while he eats," Miranda told Love Meow. He even meows to let them know that it's time for food.

"He's met all of the other cats through a screen door and they're very friendly to each other. There's been no growling or hissing, and they mostly touch noses and smell each other through the door."

Raz and Smokey, friendship in the making!

Miranda @wottrns

Miranda and her family adore cats but they never expected to move into a new home with a sweet feline tenant waiting for their arrival.

"We have five cats who are spoiled so he will be loved."

Miranda @wottrns

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Kitten Who Lost Use of Back Legs, Now Moves Faster Than Other Cats and Helps Kitties in Need

Kitten Who Lost Use of Back Legs, Now Moves Faster Than Other Cats and Helps Kitties in Need

A man from New Jersey was at a job site near a port when he saw a tiny kitten fall from a machine. He rushed over, scooped him up and saved his life.


A feral cat mom with a tiny singleton had been seen wandering around the area. The kitten was only a few days old but he was not in the best shape. They decided to watch the kitties and keep the mom fed so the baby could continue nursing.

When the guy saw the cat mom drop her kitten from the machine, he knew it was time to intervene. "The kitten was barely breathing, disgustingly dirty, and still had his umbilical cord attached," Dawn Firestone, the man's wife, told Love Meow.

Dawn was worried that the little one wouldn't make it. "His mouth was open, he was freezing and would gasp for air every 10 seconds or so."

She turned up the heat in her car and rubbed him to get him to come back. "I promised him right then and there that if he made it I would give him the best life ever!"


That's when the kitten let out a long meow as if to tell his rescuer that he wasn't ready to give up. For the first day, Dawn had to feed him with a dropper to dribble food into his mouth as he was too weak to eat.

"It was a very rough few days but every day he got better and better! He was such a fighter so I named him Rocky," she told Love Meow.


Three days later, Rocky was strong enough to start crawling. He finally got a much-needed bath and even began to purr. He had amazing fighting spirit from the start.

As he continued to heal, Dawn noticed something different about the way he walked.


"When he started to show signs of things, I thought he was scooting because he was so tiny and maybe he was leaving a pee trail like a snail because he was a slow learner."

After surviving the fall and bouncing back from the brink, Rocky faced yet another huge challenge.


"I brought him to a neurologist and she said he has no feeling in his lower half of his body and will never walk because of the nerve damage from the fall," she said.

But Dawn didn't want this diagnosis to define him. When they squeezed his legs, Rocky reacted by giving a little kick. The determined little kitty soon proved to everyone that he could run faster than anyone would have expected.


"I started doing research and had to learn in super speed how to care for him and what was going on. It was a lot of trial and error and a lot of learning."

They got him a new set of wheels and Rocky immediately went flying across the room. His back legs were pedaling, propelling the body to move forward.


Each day, his legs got a bit stronger and he went a bit faster. When he was done with his daily exercise, he would crash in his kitty bed for a cat nap.

As soon as he wakes up, he goes scampering around, chasing a ball or catching invisible bugs. Rocky doesn't let anything slow him down.


"He is just the sweetest baby ever. He needs to snuggle to nap and adores everyone!"

Rocky loves people and is very nurturing to other kittens in need.


Dawn and her husband do what they can to help cats and kittens from their local cat colony. They often bring home kittens to foster.

"Within two days Rocky is cleaning and snuggling with them," Dawn said. "The kittens always adore him and love jumping all over him."


"Rocky watches them as if he's making sure they are OK! Most of the time, he just wants to clean and snuggle with them."

Rocky showing his foster kitty his very own "gym".


"He has become so loving and sweet to the fosters. I think he definitely gives them the bonding they need," Dawn added.


"Kittens and cats like rocky are worth adopting. My mission is to shed light on how amazing they are," Dawn added.

"He inspires everyone that meets him!"


Rocky is giving his foster kittens the same love he received when he was rescued.


"I would choose him again and again. He has completed me and came into my life when I needed it the most," Dawn told Love Meow.

"He's unbreakable, unstoppable and could run around all day. He's a fighter just like Rocky."


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Cat Who Wandered the Streets for Years, Is Finally Warm This Winter and Can't Stop Purring

Cat Who Wandered the Streets for Years, Is Finally Warm This Winter and Can't Stop Purring

Padou the cat has spent years on the streets and survived many harsh winters. Now he has a roof over his head and a warm home for the cold season.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

The tabby cat was rough around the edges and covered in battle scars. Life had been tough on the little guy. Many people saw him wander the streets in the neighborhood (of Montreal, Canada) but they just passed him by.

A few months ago, a woman named Aya spotted the kitty and just couldn't walk away. Padou was fearful of people so Aya began feeding him every day to gain his trust.

She was able to get a bit closer to the kitty over time, but when she tried to pet him, he would quickly recoil. Aya never gave up.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

When summer ended, Padou's condition quickly deteriorated and he started having trouble to breathe. Aya couldn't let him go through another bitter Canadian winter.

The tabby cat had been seen in courtyards, on sidewalks, under people's cars but no one had claimed him.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

Aya reached out to Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a local cat rescue group, and together with another volunteer, they set out traps in the area.

Soon they realized that the plan didn't work.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

Padou had learned to evade them from his previous experience and wouldn't go into a trap, so rescuers had to change to a different strategy.

They continued providing food, and while he was eating they would hand feed him so the kitty would get used to being touched. "After a few more weeks, he decided to trust and even allow pets," Chatons Orphelins Montréal said.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

Finally, they were able to scoop him up and put him in a carrier. "Wandering the streets is not a life but a struggle for survival. His rescuers refused to leave him behind so his life could be saved."

Padou was in poor shape when he was brought in to the vet. "He was full of fleas, worms and parasites and had trouble breathing. His ears were deformed due to battle wounds and he tested positive for FIV."

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

They started him on antibiotics and took him to a foster home where he began his long recovery journey.

"Since he was rescued, he's been so sweet and calm as if he knows he's in good hands. He allows himself to trust again."

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

Padou quickly adapted to the indoor life. He would walk up to his foster mom, Morgane et Benjamin, for attention and cuddles and follow her around the house, keeping her company.

"If she is on the computer, he's next to her, watching what she's doing," the rescue told Love Meow.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

"Padou loves playing and running all over the apartment. He sleeps on Morgane's knees at night and is never far from her."

He gets a bit nervous around other cats and new people, but once you show him love, he immediately turns into a teddy bear and is as sweet as can be.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

As he got stronger, he became more vocal and was no longer shy of meowing for attention and love.

Cats with FIV can live long and healthy lives with proper care and plenty of love to go around.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

Padou is finally ready to find a forever family.

He wants to be close to his humans at all times, and no closed doors are allowed in the house according to Padou.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

Padou is enjoying being a spoiled little kitty.

He hopes to find a home for the holidays and spend a lot of cuddle time with his forever family.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

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Kitten Found Sleeping Outside on an Old Rag, Gets New Warm Bed and Cuddles

Kitten Found Sleeping Outside on an Old Rag, Gets New Warm Bed and Cuddles

A good Samaritan spotted a tiny ball of fur atop a pile of garbage. Upon closer inspection, she noticed it was a kitten curled up in a ball, out in the cold.


It was 45 degrees (7°C) outside when the passerby found the kitten in a neighborhood of Jersey City (New Jersey). The kitty was all alone, trying to stay warm with nothing but an old rag for comfort, but that was no way for an orphaned kitten to live.

A kitten his age wouldn't be able to survive the bitter winter on his own, so the passerby reached out to her local Facebook community group for help. Athina, an animal rescuer who lives nearby, immediately offered to take him.

"I asked if they could snatch the kitten. She promptly responded and got a carrier. I was five blocks away, getting KMR, nutrical and anything I could think of for this baby. I wasn't sure how he would be," Athina told Love Meow.

When the kitten was brought in, Athina let out a sigh of relief, knowing that he was alert, aware and even hissy - already he displayed quite a bit of cattitude.

The kitten was starving, wolfing down a dish of food as soon as it was served. After a big meal, they gave him some time to recuperate and get comfortable before giving him a bath.


Athina set him down on a warm blanket, and the kitten purred instantly and started rolling around, begging for belly rubs. "We thought he would need socializing (since he was hissing earlier) but then he started rolling over for love and pets," she said.

They were able to wash off most of the dirt and grease with a warm bath.

"He might have been hanging out in an engine for a little while for warmth," Athina told Love Meow. "For that reason we decided to name him Bert, like the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins."


Now Bert has been treated for fleas and ear mites and is also on deworming medication to tackle his tummy issues.

"Overall, he is doing amazing!"


The little guy no longer needs to worry about food and shelter. He's quickly adjusted to his VIP life and gotten very used to cuddling with his foster dad. 

Life is good now!


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